Black Milkbe Lullaby Self-Stopping Stroller

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The world’s first and only self-stopping stroller, the Milkbe is where modern and safety meet. These luxury strollers were designed to impress and protect with their revolutionary B-touch technology and exceptionally luxurious styling.

The Milkbe Lullaby Strollers come equipped with sensors along handle bar to ensure that the stroller only moves when the parent is holding on to the stroller. As soon as a parent takes their hands off the bar, the Milkbe automatically applies the brakes to ensure that the stroller does not roll away.

Regular stroller brakes do not account for the stroller rolling away, down a hill, or into harm’s way when the foot brake is not activated. With the Milkbe’s self-stopping feature, you never have to worry about your stroller rolling away.

The reclining seat of the Milkbe stroller can be adjusted into three positions: Sit, Lounge, and Sleep. This makes Milkbe optimal for any situation, and the reversible seat can even be adjusted to face the parent on the path ahead. Any position that your baby finds the most soothing, the Milkbe delivers.

The adjustable handle ensures that the parent can push the stroller at the height with which they are most comfortable, and the adjustable footrest eliminates the danger of dangling feet off the front of the stroller.

Most importantly, the comfortable U-shaped cabin sits on dual-shock absorbers that ensure a comfortable ride, even if the terrain is uneven.

Milkbe eliminates the need to buy separate carriers at different ages of your child. The stroller seat can be easily swapped out for the carry cot (available separately) to create a pram with all the luxurious features of the Milkbe Lullaby Stroller.

The lightweight and compact body of the Milkbe stroller folds down in seconds to a fraction of its size. The U-shaped cabin creates an easy to carry handle and can be stored away in a compact size.

With the help of the Car Seat Adapter (available separately), the Milkbe seat can be switched out for some of the most popular car seats on the market.

Black Milkbe Lullaby Self-Stopping Stroller
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