Black Milkbe Carry Cot

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Safety and comfort have always been the top priority for Milkbe, and it’s never more important than the times you are transporting your newborn.

Compatible with the MIlkbe Lullaby Self-stopping Stroller, these carry cots are perfect for transforming your stroller into a pram.

The luxurious soft interior and soft-shell and foam lined cage of the Milkbe Carry Cots were designed with just this purpose in mind.

Parents can effortlessly switch out the stroller seat for the carry cot and ensure that their newborn is protected and comfortable.

The water-resistant wrap has an optional opening to allow ventilation and prevent overheating.

Black Milkbe Carry Cot - Luxury Milkbe Stroller
Black Milkbe Carry Cot - Self-Stopping Milkbe Stroller
Black Milkbe Carry Cot - Smart Milkbe Stroller
Black Milkbe Carry Cot for Luxury Milkbe Strollers

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