Road trips have always been one of the most remarkable things to do with the family. Whether you go solo or with family, it's always fun. Kids love trips because they can ride in a car and go on adventures. Are you planning to go on a road trip with your baby? If so, pack the right travel essentials for your little one. Here is a helpful list to help you organize stuff for your upcoming long drive.

Get Your Car Ready

If you're planning to take the baby along in the car, be it the neighborhood grocery run or a longer drive anywhere, you'd want to ensure that you are prepared. Safety first! Always remember this acronym - BLOWBAG - which means: Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brakes, Air, and Gas.

  • Battery: Check if your battery is still in good condition: It has enough juice, bears no corrosion, and is clamped tightly on the car.
  • Lights: Ensure that fog lamps, signal lamps, high-mount stop lamps, and daytime running lights are.
  • Oil: Better check if your lubricant is enough and is still in the best condition.
  • Water: To prevent overheating, check if your water is enough.
  • Brakes: Check your brakes a week before your planned road trip so you can bring them to the mechanic if any repair is done and have them fixed at the right time.
  • Air: Make sure that your tires are properly inflated.
  • Gas: It's essential to ensure your car has enough fuel for traveling.

    We might take this lightly, but a fully charged phone is essential. Along with that, you can also use portable chargers and power banks.



    Get Travel-Friendly Snacks and Baby Food

    If you plan on bringing your baby on road trips, what sort of snacks and food can you get from the safe grocery store to give your child? Here is a list of some foods and snacks that your baby will love when riding in the car: Mini breadsticks, dried fruits in small pieces, cereal bars, fruit sticks, rice crackers, cheese strings, puffed snacks, animal crackers, fruit pouches, pretzels, and cookies.



    Clean Up Baby's Toys

    Clean and prepare to bring your kid's favorite toys ahead of time. Use mini container boxes that can store 2-5 pieces of small toys, including 1-3 pieces of books. Organizing drawing books, crayons, pencils, and other go-to art activities when you reach your destination is also helpful for big kids.



    Bring a Cooler

    Coolers come in handy when it comes to road trips. They keep the perishable foods from spoilage and beverages cool. Coolers are also helpful when storing milk for your babies, especially those pre-mixed (for formula-fed babies), and great storage for breastmilk bags (for breastmilk-fed babies) since it's very temperature sensitive.



    The Baby Bag

    The most important thing that parents bring on every trip! These kinds of bags can store almost everything that a child needs. The trick is to pack lightly as possible. For example, when packing baby clothes, you can roll the onesies with socks and underwear, roll pajamas together, and even small towels; this technique is called the "Ranger Roll," and it is proven to save space for travel bags.

    Along with the baby's garments are the diapers - you can estimate how many diaper changes do in a day. Of course, a changing pad is also a must for baby wipes and sanitizers.

    When packing for a baby wash, shampoos, sunblock, and lotions, it's best to use reusable dispenser bottles with pumps to avoid inconvenience and save space. Also, keep small toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste together for medicines and vitamins; it's best to have a separate pouch to keep it in store. Being prepared is essential!



    Strollers and Trikes!

    Babies are like balls of energy, ready to take the day! But when they are tired and sleepy, it's best to bring a handy and functional stroller or trike for short walks when you arrive at your destination.



    Whether going to a nearby vacation spot or going to parts unknown, remember that traveling with young children requires more preparation and patience than a typical vacation. Use the tips above to help make your trip much more enjoyable for you and your kids.