How do I choose a scooter for my child?

Ready to give a whole new dimension of excitement to your kid’s life? Let them explore the world around them in a scooter ride! 

With so many brands and models available, it has become hard to make the right choice for the best scooter for kids. Putting your foot on the wrong one increases the risk of injury, that’s why choosing the right size is the most important factor to provide your child with an easy learning, safe, comfortable, and fun experience.



How do I measure a child for a scooter?
Before you get started and hand over your kid a new scooter, measure the length between the ground and the child’s hip, as well as the height of the navel. Pick a scooter laying anywhere between hip or navel that is easy on your child's shoulders.



Correct height for the scooter handlebars 
The handlebar provides the primary support to the riders in a scooter. The height of the T-bar lying between hip and navel or somewhere near elbows is the best choice. Scooters with adjustable heights are much better because, in this case, the handlebar's size is not an issue. If the T-bar is non adjustable, use the scooter size chart below in inches or meters to help you grab the right one for your kid.



Scooter height chart

The correct height of a scooter can be measured with the individual's height riding it. The height of the handlebars will increase or decrease based on the individual's height. Here is a scooter size chart by height.



3 wheeler or 2 wheeler?

A three-wheel scooter is beginner-friendly and more inclined towards toddlers and kids of younger age between three and six years old. It will allow them to learn the art of balance while having fun with safety! Here is a list of three-wheel scooters for your child:

McLaren McS01 Scooter



Qplay Future LED Scooter



A two-wheel scooter is the adult version of 3 wheelers as they are more advanced. It’s stunt-friendly designed for children between 6 and 9 years old, letting them experiment with some unique ways of riding. Here are some of the most advanced and freestyle versions of two-wheel scooters:

McLaren McS02 Scooter



McLaren McS03 Scooter



Finally, choosing a suitable scooter for your kid is not a difficult task. Following these steps will help you make the best choice:

●Consider the individual's age.
●Stand upon the ground and measure the height between ground to hips or navel.
●Be aware of your kid's motor skills, weight, and height to make the right choice.
●Always choose a size that is easy on their shoulder and back.
●Start with a basic version like three-wheelers and then advance to two-wheelers