Sleep expert shares 5 top tips to help your baby sleep while traveling

Rosey Davidson, founder of sleep consultancy brand @Just_Chill_Mama, answered parents’ questions on sleep routines and what to look for in a play yard. 

As the pandemic is nearing an end, the world is beginning to open up and a sense of normalcy is returning. With that said, many of us are looking to visit our family and friends in different countries for the coming Christmas season. For any stressed out parents looking for a way to make sure your baby sleeps on your long travels, Rosey has shared her tips to help!

  1. A Consistent Routine is Key

Travelling can be hectic and it can seem impossible to keep control of sleep and mealtime routines, but wherever possible try to stick to the usual routine. Even if it’s small things such as playing with the same toys before bedtime that they would usually play with at home, or reading them their usual bedtime stories. Keeping the same sleep routine no matter the place, will encourage them to sleep through the night. 


  1. Exercise = Good Sleep

An essential trick to getting your baby to sleep when travelling is tiring them out in the day through physical activity. Luckily when on vacation, the new experiences and surroundings can easily do this. By playing with your baby in the pool or encouraging them to walk on their own through the city or play with other children, this will mean by bedtime they will be ready to sleep.

  1. A Calming Nighttime Environment

 Just like us, a relaxing bedroom environment can help your little one drift off to sleep. If your child sleeps with a night light, ensuring that this is red, pink or amber toned is essential to encourage sleep. Cooler toned night lights can often disrupt sleep. Playing white noise can also help to make good sleep even better for babies, as it creates a womb-like environment that will calm any anxiety. 

  1. Get your baby comfortable with their play yard before your holiday

 The main reason that a baby's sleep can be disrupted whilst on holiday is due to them not being familiar with their surroundings. When staying somewhere unfamiliar, our bodies keep us safe by waking us up so we can be aware of what is going on around us. By introducing naps and playtime in their play yard before going on holiday, babies will become accustomed to the cot ahead of time. By bringing bedding, blankets or cuddly toys that smell of home, babies will also feel more at ease, meaning that parents can have a rest themselves! 

5.The Right Product is Key

Bringing the right products on your vacation can make or break your holiday. With the Bentley trike, your baby will have a sense of familiarity riding their Bentley trike in a new environment whilst also being exposed to new experiences. It’s perfect for keeping them safe whilst mom and dad explore the new city. With the free-wheel function, your child will feel like they're exploring themselves and by the time bedtime hits, they’ll be ready to hit the sack!