What Are Balance Bikes Good For?

Gone are the days when kids used to learn pedalling and experience biking with training wheels. The present time is all about balancing bikes that propose more than ecstasy. Balance bikes are pedal-less bikes powered by tot's running legs. These bikes emphasize teaching a tyke about balance and coordination, so it goes pedal free. When little toddlers know the basics, they go for a seamless transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes with confidence.

Balance Bike

Benefits of Choosing a Balance Bike

Kids want things really quick, but it usually brings No gain. Toddlers cannot start pedalling until they have some experience with biking, and that's what balance bikes are for– to give your child their first biking experience. Balance bikes allow kids to feel more confident and take control of their bikes without passing through the training wheels stage. Before toddlers put their feet on pedals, ensure they are well aware of balance and coordination.

Motor Skills

A child definitely has never seen a failure, so they are ready to take on new challenges confidently. They try to overcome those challenges by themselves, which helps in motor and cognitive development. Toddler balance bikes serve as a unique experience that allows them to explore the world with their bikes side by side. Repeated movement helps in spatial awareness and enhances their ability to overcome new challenges. Every new skill or move they learn with a balance bike improves their physical and mental strength. It helps them stay more focused and concentrated.


The sole purpose of a balance bike is to teach a toddler about balance and coordination. Training wheels let kids lean on one side, which ruins their balance. It is basically a support and teaches nothing about balance. Kids must start over to learn balance when they move for pedal bikes if they are starting with training wheels. Balance bikes for toddlers eliminate this situation and offer a smooth-seamless transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes.


Another big reason to get a balance bike is to teach your tyke independence. Balance bikes allow kids to be their masters and take control as they ride. They want to explore the long stretches and experience new adventures without their parents' help. Continuous practice increases their range of motion and confidence.

Outdoors Activities

Balance bikes are powered by legs, so it helps strengthen their calf and thigh muscles. It also helps sharpen a dull mind that results from excessive mobile usage. Riding a balance bike brings different muscles into use, improving their overall strength. When kids learn to balance bikes they learn about self-regulation and injury prevention which is crucial for their development.

The Best Balance Bike

To get a perfect balance bike for your tyke, you should consider their height and age. Here are the best ones for your little ones.

Balance Bike for 2-5 Years Old

Mclaren Carbon Fiber Balance Bike

  • Probably the best and the ruling one in the category of balance bikes.
  • It features a carbon fiber frame that offers strength and durability.
  • The air-filled tires on magnesium wheels run smoothly even on rough terrains.

Bentley Balance Bike

  • Highly inspired by Bentley motors.
  • The carbon pattern front spokes, eco-leather seats, and Bentley badge keep the standard and luxury high.
  • The magnesium alloy frame adds strength.
  • The unique safety locking brake system ensures extra protection.

Racer Balance Bike

  • It is lightweight but built with sturdy aluminum frames.
  • Air-filled rubber tires for smooth rides.
  • The adjustable seat and handlebar make the learning process smooth for younger kids.
Balance Bike for 18 months to 4 years

QPlay Tech Balance Bike

  • Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Futuristic design.
  • Glides smoothly on rough surfaces.
Balance Bike for 1-3 Years Old

  • 4 EVM wheels ensure excellent safety and stability.
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • The compact size and streamlined frame allow easy traveling with the bike
  • Freewheel system
  • Bears up to 20kgs
  • Free from feet hitting pedals and back wheels
The Bottom Line

Balance bikes contribute to the overall cognitive and motor development that helps prepare kids for future challenges. A balance bike is a way a child can exercise, stay fit, and grow strong. Learning balance and coordination has become so much fun with balance bikes. Kids learn to become independent and overcome the challenges by finding a solution to them in their own way.